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Our History

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and this was certainly the case with CardNoter.

Entrepreneur Ross Youngs, founder of CardNoter and the Univenture family of companies, faced a common business problem as he traveled around the country for conferences and seminars – how should he organize his growing business card collection? And how would he remember “who was who” when it came to sorting and using them later?

His current system was to quickly write a couple of brief notes directly onto a business card to help him remember important details about the contact.

But there were a couple of problems with this method. Once he returned home and started sorting through his cards, Youngs realized he couldn’t read his hastily scribbled notes. The space on the business card simply wasn’t large enough for proper notes about the contact. And he was still left with a pile of unsorted cards.

business card organization

Creating an ideal card organizing and note-taking system

So Youngs started thinking about how the ideal business card system should work. It should easily organize cards and provide a logical, simple way to include notes about each contact.

Being the inventor that he is, he got to work and developed just such a solution.

Youngs hand-assembled a business card organizer made with pocketed pages for storing cards and lined paper pages for taking notes. The user would simply insert business cards into pockets on the left, and write notes about each contact on the corresponding lined pages on the right side. He stamped the front cover with his logo and the product was good to go.

Youngs distributed the booklets at his next conference and they were such a hit, he immediately put them into production in his Marysville, Ohio, manufacturing facility. The new CardNoter would be marketed and sold as a unique promotional product.

Prototype to Finished Product

After some fine-tuning and expert product engineering, CardNoter was officially launched in 2017. The product’s branding and customization capabilities have since expanded to include a digitally-printed, full-color front, back, outside, and inside covers. Specially-printed inside pages and tip-ins, such as maps and mini-posters, can also be used with CardNoter.

Custom branded CardNoters have been distributed throughout the U.S. at conferences, conventions, and educational forums; and through local business, political, logistics, and educational groups.


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