Perfect Bound

Our most popular method for producing CardNoters, this common binding process features pocketed pages glued to a custom printed soft or hard cover. Additional card pages and customer supplied pages (maps, tickets, etc.) are easily added to your CardNoter using this method.

Wire Bound

Wire Binding is a popular commercial book binding method also referred to as Twin Loop Wire, Wire-O and Wirebind. Wire binding uses a premade wire and pre-punched covers and pages to produce a finished book.

Comb Bound

Similar to Spiral Binding, Comb Binding uses round plastic spines with rings that are threaded through rectangular holes in the book covers and pages. Pages will also lay flat on a desk or table and combs are available in multiple colors.

Spiral Bound

Also known as Coil Binding, Spiral Binding uses a plastic coil threaded through holes in the covers and pages to form a booklet. Spiral bound documents will lay flat on a desk or table for easy note taking. Coils are durable and available in a variety of colors.

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